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Art Classes for Kids Terenure



Fiona’s art studio is a small family run Art School for Children based in Terenure.

We provide art classes and camps in Terenure for children aged from 6 to 14 .

We have our own studio space for art classes.

Why take art classes?
• Art is a safe way for students to express themselves.
• Art strengthens communication, explorations and imagination.
• Art develops self-confidence and persistence.
• Art not only helps students intellectually it helps them socially by strengthening their confidence as well as their ability to work with other students.
• It teaches students how to learn from the world around them and see beauty in uncommon places.
• Art provides fulfillment in what they have produced and aides in lifelong participation in the arts.
• It teaches students how to appreciate the many forms, techniques and styles of art.
• It helps students express themselves and cultivates freedom of expression.
• There are often no right or wrong answers in art and this helps student’s gain perspective on value and self-evaluation.
• Art can often be non-verbal communication and can prove to be therapeutic for many.

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