Where to get art supplies I use in class.

I supply everything in class here is a list of some of the art supplies I use and where to get them.


The markers I use I get in china on amazon as they are so much cheaper then the copic which sell for almost €4 each as they are professional markers used for illustration work. The China version gives the kids a good feel for how to use them. Here is the link to amazon that I use to purchase it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get them in. The 80 pack is the best value.

Product Marker Pens Set – TOUCHFIVE 60 Colors Touch Mark marker paint marker pens …


The blending marker I get in Evans in town http://store.evansartsupplies.ie/store/product/19141/Copic-Classic-0-Blender/

This blends the other markers together.


Hb 6b blending stumps watercolor pencils ( Faber-Castell) watercolor pens also amazon 

WCOCOW Watercolor Brush Pen Set- 20 Colours-Soft Flexible Tip.


Vernier Caliper ( measuring tool)


Available from Terenure office supplies on line (click on link) or in store.

Contact details.

Tel: 01 492 5010 / 492 5004

Fax: 01 492 5012

Sales: sales@terenureofficesupplies.ie

Customer Services: sales@terenureofficesupplies.ie

Terenure Office Supplies

1 Terenure Road North




D6W NA03

box of drawing pencils


A4 sketch pad


Putty rubber



White rubber


Pencil sharpener


Water colour pencils


A4 folder ( any type)

Paper blending stumps avalible from Easons or Evans art supplies



Colour pencils.


Intenses Pencils watercolour by Derwent.

These pencils are water based

Derwent pencils have been manufactured by The Cumberland Pencil Company in Cumbria in the UK since 1832 and is now a brand under ACCO UK Ltd.

The Inktense pencils are marketed as Derwent’s “best watercolour pencils ever”, capable of laying down “permanent colours after washes and drying,even on silk and cotton”.
The big selling point of this particular range of 72 colours is that the artist can go from “pencil to ink in just one wash” to “combine the vibrancy of inks with the subtlety of pencils”
You can use them dry but mix them with water and the colour turns into vibrant ink.

Polychromos artists‘ colour pencils

Polychromos artists‘ colour pencils oil based ( mineral oil) not water soluble


Polychromos artists’ colour pencils are valued for their matchless quality by professional artists around the world. Their high standard ensures that Polychromos artists’ colour pencils are ideal for use in the graphic arts, for free artistic expression, and for the precise colouring of plans. Faber-Castell’s quality standards are applied consistently throughout the manufacturing process. Top-quality materials, combined with our long experience, ensure that Polychromos artists’ colour pencils have extremely break-resistant leads, maximum light-fastness, the most vivid colours and optimal paintability, along with many other advantages valued by professional artists.

Suppliers in Dublin

Evans art supplies

5 Meeting House Lane

Mary’s Abbey

Dublin 7.


Tel:01 8726855

Evans is a Large art suppliers in the city Center.
Terenure office supplies local.

1 Terenure Road North,


Dublin 6

You will have to order from  Terenure office supplies as they don’t keep these pencils as stock items I know they supply Fabre castell not sure if they supply derwent take a look at their website.

Rapesco 64 sharpener is avalible on eBay and Amazon Price varies.

Blank cards set of 10 avalible from mr price or I have some in class €2.50

Faber castle 12 watercolour pencils avalible from Terenure office supplies €4.35 or I have some avalible in class.

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