How to Use Professional Copic Markers.

We use a mixture of Copic and touch two markers in class. Professional markers are high quality, double-ended, refillable markers that have many artistic uses, including cartoon illustration, fashion design, and anime and manga drawing. They can also be used by the everyday artist for hobbies like scrapbooking and coloring stamps for arts and crafts. Because they are simple to use and easy to refill, Professional markers are great for hand-lettering, coloring, and stamping. With the right care, they can even last a lifetime.

Draw the outline of your design with an outline pen or sketch marker.

Pens allow for very precise, thin lines when drawing, and sketch markers allow for slightly thicker, but still precise lines.

• The beginner artist can always draw in pencil first, then go over the lines with a pen or sketch marker when satisfied with the initial sketch.

Begin coloring with the lightest shade of your choice.

You can use either end of the marker when coloring. Move the marker in small circles over the area you want to fill in order to cut down on visible lines and streaks.

• Experiment with using either end of the pen to find out which one works for you when coloring.

Add in the darker shades to give depth or volume when coloring illustrations.

When adding dimension, be sure to pick a color one or two shades darker than the base color, but still in the same color family.

• If you don’t know where shading would look best, start with the outer edges of the design.

Use the base shade to blend the two colors together.

In the space where the darker and lighter shades intersect, color the area with the lighter shade of marker, using circular motions.

• professional markers work extremely well for blending, but you must blend while the colors are still relatively wet in order to create a seamless color transition.

Continue coloring until you complete the illustration.

Try using different colors in different areas, practicing blending in each section. Allow the paper to dry completely before touching, framing, or handling in any way.

Coloring pencils.

• If you plan on using colored pencils to add depth to an image, apply them as the last layer. The Professional marker’s alcohol-based ink can’t absorb into the paper through layers of pencil.

The markers I use in class I get in china on amazon as they are so much cheaper then the copic which sell for almost €4 each as they are professional markers used for illustration work. The China version gives the kids a good feel for how to use them. Here is the link to amazon that I use to purchase it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get them in. The 80 pack is the best value.

Product Marker Pens Set – TOUCHFIVE 60 Colors Touch Mark marker paint marker pens …

The blending marker I get in Evans in town

This blends the other markers together.

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