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When can I drop off my tuition?


You will find enrollment envelopes by the front door on the day of registration which is usually the first day of term. If you are starting later in the term or if you are on a friend day just find me in the hall and I will sort you out. I’m always there during class but if I’m engaged find one of my art assistants.

Parents Association Presentation after school Art Programme.


The following classes are taught by me but run and managed by the parents association in presentation primary school Terenure.

There is a different fee structure and there are different rules and regulations for these classes.

The answers on my Q&A page do not apply to these classes. Please direct your questions to the parents association.

All payments are made directly to the parents association not to me.

The classes are only available to students attending presentation primary school Terenure.

There are two terms per year.

Registration is twice per year on a first come first served basis through the parents association only.

The parents association will publish these dates through the school. This is usually September & January dates will vary.

I CAN NOT register students for these classes please contact the parents association for information.

You can ask to put your name on a waiting list after registration if you do not get a place on registration day.

The parents association may run more classes if they have the numbers, demand and space.

For more information click the link below.

Which clothes are best for making art?


It’s always a good idea to have some special art clothes to wear to class—we all love to get as messy as possible! Some folks like to keep an old t-shirt in the car for easy transition from school clothes. I do have some large old T-shirts in class available to children just ask me and I will give you one.

We do use Artist Quality supplies. Their awesome quality tend towards permanence AND permanent stains.