Class availability

We had a fantastic turn out for registration for our six week term.

Most of our classes are now full see below.

Tuesday Class 4:00 full.

Thursday Class 4:00 full.

Thursday Class 5:15 still some places

Saturday class 9:45 full.

Saturday class 11:00 full.

Note: parents association classes.

Presentation primary parents association Art classes Tuesday 1:30, Wednesday 1:30, Wednesday 2:30, Thursday 2:30, are run and managed by the parents association.

I teach theses classes and they are only available to children going to Presentation.

My public classes are separate.

The online booking system will be opened to existing children in existing Parent Association activities on Thursday 16th Jan at 10am. They will email you early next week.

Term 2 begins on Feb 3rd 2020 and runs until Wed May 27th 2020* (the school is closed on Thursday 28th May 2020)

There are voucher codes for all activity and they will be sent by email only to the child’s parents/guardians.

They use the mail address that was provided when you register online originally. If you have any queries about any of the above you can mail the parents association anytime on:


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