Live Art Classes

Hi Mums and Dads!

Getting a bit stir crazy? I think I can help….

I’ll be going LIVE right here on the Fionas Art Class Facebook page

12:00 on Tuesday junior & senior infants level.


You can phone Terenure office Supplies and They will take your order over the phone for pickup.

01 492 5010

Heavy paper ( ask for Fionas Art paper in Terenure Office Supplies)

Hb pencil, rubber, water in container , rags, paint brushes, Oil pastels or crayons or twistables, black marker ( sharpie) watercolor or any paint for background.

A glass or a cup to make a circular shape.


For our first art project we will be drawing birds using our pencils to draw and sharpie to outline our finished drawing then we will colour in.

I will be using oil pastels and finishing our art pieces by painting our backgrounds I will be using cake watercolor.

12:00 on Wednesday intermediate 1st class +

Further details before the day

Materials you will need:

Paper heavy if you have it. Masking tape, Hb pencil, rubber, ruler, water in container , paint brushes, rags, black sharpie, markers or twistables or oil pastels or crayons or coloring pencils.

Paint: watercolor or poster paint or any paint you have to hand.

12:00 on Thursday 4th class+

Further details before the day.


Multi media paper or heavy paper



HB and B pencils

Any coloring pencils




Chalk pastels

Watercolor or acrylic or poster paint


Adults welcome to join

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