Art Supplies

All projects will have listed on the front of the video what art supplies you will need for the project. Your child may have some of these art supplies at home so make sure to go through pencil cases and school bags before you purchas anything.


When I first began teaching, my biggest question concerned paper. No one told me
what to use. Art supply lists included paper, but what type of paper? Would regular
copy paper work? What about card stock? What about those large sketchbooks?
Basically, my question was: Is there a special art paper that only art teachers knew
about? I have found that mixed Media paper is the best option as it covers all types of art supplies. If you are local Terenure office supplies do a very good mixed media pad. Most good art suppliers will have stock of this type of paper. I like to use A3.

Canson Imagine Mixed Media 200gsm paper, natural white, A3 pad including 50 sheets

Crayons, Markers, & Coloring Tools

OIL PASTELS are my favorite drawing tools for junior (younger Kids) kids because
they promote large drawings and large drawings are easier to paint. I recommend
Faber-Castell and Crayola because children don’t have
to press hard to achieve a beautiful rich color.

OIL PASTELS ( Faber-Castell, Pentel are great options)
COLORED MARKERS (Crayola, Faber-Castell, Pro Markers)
Watercolour PENCIL SET ( Faber-Castell, )


Cake paint is perfect when you want simple prep. There’s little to clean up or less
to throw away. I love using Faber-Castell’s Connector paints because the colors are
richly pigmented (loads of color) and last a while. Worth the investment.
The difference between the Connector Paints and the watercolor paint sets is that
you might see in art or craft stores, tempera paint tends to be opaque where as
watercolor is designed to be translucent.

(Faber-Castell Connector Paints )


Pencils. 5B pencil and HB pencil (probably in your pencil case)

White Rubber (should have this for school already)

Regular Ruler.(should have this for school already)

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