How to Use Professional Copic Markers.

We use a mixture of Copic and touch two markers in class. Professional markers are high quality, double-ended, refillable markers that have many artistic uses, including cartoon illustration, fashion design, and anime and manga drawing. They can also be used by the everyday artist for hobbies like scrapbooking and coloring stamps for arts and crafts.Continue reading “How to Use Professional Copic Markers.”

What do I do with all this art work my children bring home?

There are lots of apps out there to photograph and share art work. I find it’s easier to just take a snap as soon as you pick your child up from class on your phone and save the art work to a dedicated folder. This is what I use in class to store images inContinue reading “What do I do with all this art work my children bring home?”

How to help your child practice art at home.

Helping your child to practice at home will improve their drawing enormously. Setting up a dedicated art area at home can be the best way to encourage practice. This area should be private, free from prying eyes of adults or hands of younger siblings, and quiet, with the option of music playing in the background.Continue reading “How to help your child practice art at home.”