How can I help my child practice at home?

Setting up a dedicated art area at home can be the best way to encourage practice. This area should be private, free from prying eyes of adults or hands of younger siblings, and quiet, with the option of music playing in the background. Access to a clean drawing surface, art supplies, and inspirational magazines, books,Continue reading “How can I help my child practice at home?”

When will my art student bring something home?

In junior class we do a project per class you child will take their finished work home on the day. At senior and intermediary  level we teach lots of technique when exploring each new medium, and we encourage our artists to take their time and savor this beautiful process. Some projects last 2-4 weeks, and you willContinue reading “When will my art student bring something home?”

What will my child learn?

We provide instruction based on each student’s age and skills. First, we work on helping a student improve their drawing skills by focusing on the use of shape, volume, perspective and shading. After a student has mastered these concepts, we continue our instructional focus by developing drawing and painting skills using different media (pencil, charcoal,Continue reading “What will my child learn?”