Easter projects!

Don’t miss our Easter projects‼️

Thank you so much for those of you who have joined in and enjoyed this art class with us.🥰

These Easter art lesson starts at 12:15 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.


I wanted to give kids the opportunity to decorate their house for Easter and add a little fun and color to their day (maybe a sparkle too…)


🔹All-Purpose art paper

🔹Liquid poster paint or craft paints or watercolor paint.

🔹Crayons or markers or coloring pencils


🔹Black marker or black oil pastel or black crayon

Click the link below to get to my Facebook page


🥰I hope to see you all there!

Tuesday 12:00 live class.

Darragh and I are going LIVE at 12:00 Free for everyone on Facebook!

The class is aimed at younger children up to senior infants but everyone is welcome! If you miss out the class will be available on my page.

Below you will find printable’s We will be learning how to draw. Please try the drawing first they are only for very young children who can’t hold a pencil yet!! I want EVERYONE making an effort to draw!

So you don’t need to go out to get art supplies! Empty the pencil cases look in drawers search the house and get all your art supplies in one place ready for 12:00 tomorrow!

This is interactive so you can ask me questions as we go along and we will find solutions to you art supply Problems as we go along. Just tune in and give it a go!

You will need: A small glass to make circles with, pencil, black sharpie, paper preferably heavy to take paint ( if not anything you have) oil pastels or crayons, or twistables, or color pencils, or markers, watercolor or any paint you may have,

water in a container, paint brush, cloth.

See you all tomorrow at 12:00 Fiona

Live Art Classes

Hi Mums and Dads!

Getting a bit stir crazy? I think I can help….

I’ll be going LIVE right here on the Fionas Art Class Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Fionasartclass/

12:00 on Tuesday junior & senior infants level.


You can phone Terenure office Supplies and They will take your order over the phone for pickup.


01 492 5010

Heavy paper ( ask for Fionas Art paper in Terenure Office Supplies)

Hb pencil, rubber, water in container , rags, paint brushes, Oil pastels or crayons or twistables, black marker ( sharpie) watercolor or any paint for background.

A glass or a cup to make a circular shape.


For our first art project we will be drawing birds using our pencils to draw and sharpie to outline our finished drawing then we will colour in.

I will be using oil pastels and finishing our art pieces by painting our backgrounds I will be using cake watercolor.

12:00 on Wednesday intermediate 1st class +

Further details before the day

Materials you will need:

Paper heavy if you have it. Masking tape, Hb pencil, rubber, ruler, water in container , paint brushes, rags, black sharpie, markers or twistables or oil pastels or crayons or coloring pencils.

Paint: watercolor or poster paint or any paint you have to hand.

12:00 on Thursday 4th class+

Further details before the day.


Multi media paper or heavy paper



HB and B pencils

Any coloring pencils




Chalk pastels

Watercolor or acrylic or poster paint


Adults welcome to join

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