Special needs.

What if my child has special needs?

It is really important that I know about your child’s needs especially if they are very young.

Art class is a busy place and I need to be able to access your child’s needs based on the information you provide.

Not all classes suit all children some classes are busier than others some classes have mixed ages and abilities.

I am here to try to support your child’s learning process.

Any information you provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

I am available for a private chat after art class to discuss your child’s needs and I will connect with you if I have any concerns.

I have experience with special needs however I am unable to make provisions if I don’t know.

Having dyslexia myself and struggle through my childhood when dyslexia was not recognized I understand personally the difficulties your child may be experiencing.

I have studied behavior psychology, education kinesiology, and therapeutic yoga I have worked closely with children with learning differences.

It helps us enormously if you note specific learning differences/preferences which minimize confusion and guessing on our part, and it allows your child more direct immediate support.


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