Covid precautions.

Covid precautions.

There is a hand sanitizer on the table at the entrance to the studio. We would like all students to hand sanitise before entering the studio.

There are hand sanitizers on every table. 

We ask parents to stay in the courtyard to reduce exposure.

There will are masks available to all students. 

Please wrap up warmly as the studio is cold due to extra ventilation. 

Cleaning between each class:

We wipe down all surfaces with disposable anti bacterial wipes.

We wipe floors with antibacterial floor wipes.

We spray every surface and air with antibacterial spray .

All equipment and materials are sprayed with antibacterial spray between every classes. 

We have two HEPA air filters either end of the studio.

Door left open and window vents. 

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and refers to filters made in accordance with specific requirements. HEPA filters are mechanical filters with a capacity for sifting small particles at a much higher rate than any other conventional filter.

What’s important about HEPA filters is they’re incredibly effective at capturing almost every size of particle. They can capture viruses, bacteria, pollen, PM2.5, allergens,etc.

In studio classes

In studio classes will start on October 12th click on the link under class schedule to book a class. Classes limited. Book now pay on the day in person.

Wednesday starts 13th October

Tuesday starts 12th October


Just a quick update. I can’t run classes from presentation primary this year however I am looking at running classes from my home studio in Terenure. Numbers will be limited to six students per class Gemma will be joining me so it will be a ratio of 3 students to one teacher! We will be starting in October dates to be confirmed.

On Line Art Classes For Kids

Fiona’s Art Class is going on line!

Due to covid restrictions we cannot do physical classes this term.

We are not letting that stop our creativity!

You can continue your art adventure from the convenience of your own home.

Continue to draw, paint and use mixed media.

Fiona demonstrates every step of the project from selecting materials, providing drawing options, fixing bloopers and even cleaning up.

Each 30-50 minute episode walks kids through easy steps of drawing options and painting techniques that are fun to create and easy to master. Children are encouraged to make drawing choices from the on-screen prompts.

Each episode offers children a chance to create the project more than once, using alternate drawing and color options.

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Draw & paint along with Fiona series!

Draw and paint along with Fiona series is live For all to share on Facebook at 12:15 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday every week.

If you miss me live all my classes are available to catch up on Facebook or on my YouTube channel Fionas Art class click the links below!

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